Debt Collection Services

Our responsibilities:

  • We are a fully service debt recover and tracing agency the specializes in collecting commercial and professional claims
  • We are fully accredited and operate on a national and intentional level, having partnered with international debt collection networks
  • Our aim is to actively participate in the South Africa economy by providing excellent service to our clients
  • We aim to be innovative
  • We aim to add value to your business
  • We aim to collect debt both disputed and undisputed, in public and private sector
  • Our client base ranges from private individuals to large corporate companies handling over any value and in any quantity no client is too big or too small – we work for them all
  • We review collection queue to perform collection activities accordingly
  • We adhere to customer policies and procedures
  • We close a specific number of collection accounts each month to meet assigned target
  • We contract debtors and implement repayment schedules and terms
  • We assist the company to take legal action against debtors by providing necessary information
  • We maintain security and confidentiality of company and customer information
  • We follow legal requirements during debt collection to avoid legal issues
  • We have access to variety of search tools including internet data, people locators, cross reference directories, etc.
  • We can help you locate people or companies; identify corporate offices and trace their homes addresses; search for judgements sequestrations, etc. However, the tracing services is free of charge to all clients who instruct us to collect a debts/s
  • We attend education programs for professional growth and skill development.

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