Fire Services

This division specialises in the area of locating, maintenance and marketing of fire hydrants, both above and underground. The experience is outlined as follows:

  • Locating and logging of all hydrants and maintenance history onto a register and GIS
  • Identification of all fire hydrants and capturing them on excel spread sheet
  • Maintenance of aboveground hydrant (to include cleaning around hydrant; ensure proper fit of delivery; ensure working condition; and cleaning around hydrand and report form)
  • Maintenance of fire hydrant by painting of riser, cover and road in front of the hydrant
  • Making of fire hydrant with tape around existing pole electrical pole
  • Making of fire hydrants with cat eye on the road
  • Marking of hydrants cube stone block
  • Provision and replacement of rubber washer inside the aboveground hydrant
  • Basic communication, fire fighting, occupational health and safety and first aid level


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